Pedro Pascal Crashed Bad Bunny Monologue

Pedro Pascal returned to “SNL,” Saturday night, making a surprise cameo during host Bad Bunny‘s opening monologue.

The actor, who hosted an episode last season, served as a translator of sorts, while Bad Bunny boasted of all the things he enjoyed doing in Spanish –better than in English. And he began to do the monologue in Spanish as well.

“I want to bring up my friend to help. Pedro?” asked Bad Bunny. But Pascal told the audience that Bad Bunny was largely singing his praises. “He says I’m blessed to be here with my favorite actor Pedro Pascal,” Pascal said after a lengthy passage from Bad Bunny. Pascal counseled Bad Bunny to make a self-deprecating joke about his face or body, and the host responded that he had not features that could be lampooned. “Totally. Me either,” replied Pascal. Pascal also advised Bad Bunny to show an embarrassing photo of himself, and the host said that nothing could be found.

Pascal ended up taking part in much of the show, appearing in a sketch alongside the host and introducing his second musical segment. In the sketch, the two men played protective Spanish-speaking mothers with a skeptical view of their son’s new girlfriend.

Pascal has gained a wider profile thanks to his roles in a bevy of popular fantasy and sci-fi based series, including “Game of Thrones” on HBO, “The Mandalorian” on Disney + and “The Last of Us” on HBO. He appeared last season on “SNL” along with musical guest Coldplay.

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