Joe Biden Celebrates Halloween With Christoper Walken

In this week’s political cold open, President Biden, played by Mikey Day, hangs Halloween decorations around the Oval Office and welcomes some drop-ins, as well as topical humor.

Biden starts his decoration chat by musing that the world is now a scary place: “Wars, shooting, climate change, everything in the new Britney book,” the latter referring to the litany of revelations that came from Britney Spears‘ bestselling new memoir.

Then, Biden took to a shaky ladder, as “nothing puts people at ease like an 80-year-old man hanging Halloween decorations.” That opened the door to some “Biden is old” humor, including, “When I was a kid, ladders were cutting-edge technology. This was like an iPad,” and, when referring to the supernatural, saying, “a lot of my closest friends are ghosts.”

Then, the newly-elected Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, stopped by to visit Biden. Portrayed by featured player Michael Longfellow, the jokes leaned into the the anonymously-named and generic-looking congressman’s references to a now-adult Black son he claims to have raised since he was a teenager.

After Johnson’s departure, Christopher Walken dropped by as “The Spirit of Halloween, the Ghost of All Hallows’ Past.” Noting that in South America he is referred to as “Papa Pumpkin,” Walken recited a Halloween poem, a twist on the classic rhyme “Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet.” A highlight? Walken telling Biden he will “pull down your underwear” if he doesn’t comply with the spooky shenanigans.

Watch Walken’s spirited appearance in the cold open below.

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